Essential for restful nights, the fitted sheet covers and protects the mattress thanks to its four elastic corners (commonly called cups). In cotton, organic cotton, satin or cotton percale, it can be difficult to find the ideal fitted sheet. Carré Blanc explains you.

The fitted sheet in pure cotton

Appreciated for its comfort and resistance to washing, the pure cotton fitted sheet regulates body heat and evacuates excess moisture due to perspiration. Simple to maintain and pleasant to the touch, the fitted sheet in pure cotton includes a canvas of 57 threads per cm², representing the standard quality in bed linen. For a more responsible approach, GOTS certified pure organic cotton fitted sheets take care of your health and the environment.

The fitted sheet in cotton satin

A noble material par excellence, cotton satin is characterized by a fine and tight weave (120 threads/ cm²). Its silky touch and satin appearance immediately brings a touch of elegance to your room. In addition to its visual qualities, the cotton satin fitted sheet also takes care of your skin since it limits the absorption of cosmetics or sebum, thus avoiding the accumulation of bacteria. Absorbent and resistant, the Pampa II cotton satin fitted sheet offers perfect body temperature regulation and is used throughout the year.

The fitted sheet in cotton percale

Made from the longest fibers of cotton, the cotton percale offers a feeling of lightness and freshness particularly suitable for people who tend to be warm at night. Known for its smooth and matte appearance, the cotton percale fitted sheet ensures ever softer nights. Indeed, the more the fitted sheet will be washed, the more it will gain softness and flexibility. With a tight and regular weave of 80 threads/cm², the cotton percale fitted sheet gives great resistance to machine washing.

The fitted sheet in washed cotton

The fitted sheet in washed cotton Trendy and comfortable, the washed cotton fitted sheet is a pure cotton fitted sheet that has been washed several times before its sale. It is these different washes that give bed linen this slightly wrinkled appearance. Insulating and resistant, the washed cotton fitted sheet adapts to all seasons and is easily maintained.

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