Do you dream of transforming your bathroom into a tropical paradise ? Exotic decor is perfect for moments of escape and relaxation in the shower. To invite nature into your home and create a relaxing atmosphere, discover our inspirations.

1. Tropical tones and prints

A nod to countries like Mexico and Uzbekistan, the exotic bathroom is all about warm, invigorating hues. Vitamin-rich shades such as mustard yellow, orange, green, turquoise blue and red energize the decor and invite you to escape.

For a touch of the exotic in your bathroom, choose patterns inspired by tropical flora. So as not to overload the decor, add them in small touches to linens (towels or bath mats) or shower curtains.

A true invitation to travel, Carré Blanc's exotic-style linens feature warm colors and elegant tropical prints. In your powder room, our eye-catching collections will take you to a place of well-being. Let yourself be guided by our Bukhara collection, a refined oriental-inspired bath linen embellished with multicolored pompoms.

2. Ethnic-style decoration

Ethnic furnishings transport you to another world, promising cocooning moments tinged with exoticism. A multitude of ideas are available: a wooden partition, a natural stone basin or a free-standing bathtub with an enveloping shape.

For even more immersion, add decorative elements such as exotic-scented candles, stone vases, duckboards or pebbles on the floor. Together, these elements will add a warm, welcoming note to your bathroom.

3. Raw, authentic materials

Bamboo storage units, jute rugs, wicker baskets... What could be more exotic than natural materials to create a chic, exotic bathroom ? They evoke nature without weighing the room down, and warm the atmosphere. Exotic woods such as cypress, mahogany and teak are also available. For a long-lasting finish, remember to protect them with a water-resistant varnish.

4. Greenery

The ultimate feeling of an exotic bathroom? Like stepping into the heart of a tropical rainforest. To add greenery to your room, choose green plants that appreciate warmth and humidity, such as :

  • Anthurium
  • Calathea
  • Ivy
  • Ferns
  • Orchids
  • Pilea
  • Kentia palm
  • Banana tree

Short of natural light ? Artificial plants are the best option. You can easily bring a lush jungle into your home. Finally, opt for soft, diffused lighting for an even more relaxing ambience.

5. A waterfall shower

In an exotic bathroom, a waterfall shower offers a real moment of escape. Depending on the installation, you'll feel as if you're standing under a natural waterfall or a warm summer rain. The result: absolute relaxation to invigorate you and free you from everyday worries !

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