Square Cotton Square Pillow Cotton Divine Night Floral Printed Floral

40.00 $

A debauchery of Art Deco flowers on night sky background

Loyal ally of the Divine duvet cover, the Divine square pillowcaseArbore on a blue satin background Night a stylized flowers composition mixing petals ranging from plum to rose powder to delicate golden branches. The pillowcaseIs decorated with a 2 cm wheel and, like its sister the rectangular pillowcase, it brings a sophisticated exuberance note to a design bed or, on the other hand, is in perfect agreement with a baroque deco style .

Soft and lasting matter

Designed in 100% cotton satin 360 g / m², this pillowcase is distinguished by the quality of its weaving, particularly thin and tight, and its silky touch. Assets that will remain intact despite repeated washing machines which, from the rest, will not alter the brilliance of its colors. In addition, its motive has benefited from a most qualitative digital printing technique that allows it to last many years without moving.

Divine, a refined vegetable theme

In addition to the pillowcases, the duvet cover and the Plain contour sheet, the Divine collection also offers bath towel in 100% cotton loop, declined in rosewood and enhanced with an embroidered lake in gold thread, so that elegant bathrobes to put on after bathing or cocooning at home. To accentuate the chic cozy side of the bedpad, opt for the long purple cushion in plum velvet or, if you like contrasting color harmonies, cover your bed with a soft powder edge. Those who wish to dump the adornment can associate the duvet with pink wood skews or do the opposite. The floral decor will only have the price.