Cotton Square Pillow Cotton Agusil

25.00 $

Agusil square pillowcase

A triple collaboration between Marc Agusil, square of artists and the white square brand in limited edition.

The product

As an extension of the duvet cover, the pattern of this square pillow has been hand painted by the Barcelona artist Marc Agusil. On one side, a marine blue color print. On the other, an explosion of slate color painting. For a decoration that is both urban and contemporary, associate this pillowcase with the agusil duvet cover in cotton percale.

The collection

We have collaborated with the network of artists' square art galleries and the painter Agusil to create the Agusil collection. A finery where art is expressed on the textile.

Technical description

100% cotton
80-wire cotton percale / cm²
A printed side splashes blue on white background and a park printed black splashes on white background