Embroidered lion universe anthracite Hoodie polar children's dress

70.00 $

Cosmic polar Robe

The small ears on the Hoodie make it a lovely and warm accessory all winter.


Wrap your baby in soft cosmic pajamas. She was wearing anthracite grey with lion embroidery on her Hoodie. Interesting details, two malicious little ears decorate the hat. She encourages your children to explore the universe. Its soft material has accumulated advantages. It's warm and light, allowing your child to move freely.


Let your child explore the universe through the new universe series. Fun and educational, can be used in bedroom or bathroom. Let yourself be illuminated by stars and constellations.

Technical description

Material Science:
100% polyester
300 g / m2
Soft embroidery
Lion embroidery
Hooded robes, headphones, plated pockets

Pajama length

2 years: 57 cm; 4 years old: 62 cm; 6 years old: 68 cm; 8 years: 74 cm; 10 years: 81 cm