Poncho child velvet cotton embroidered graphic manarola magenta

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A bath outlet full of fantasy with this poncho magenta

Declination of our Manarola bath set for girls who gives pride in sunny colors of Italy, the Poncho Manarola magentaTransforms the output of the bath at a moment of tenderness and fantasy. This nice bath linen has a beautiful bright pink color. To draw this bathrobe that will travel the imagination of the children, our stylists have been able to draw their inspiration from the side of Italy and the mixture of colors and vegetation that is found in the small villages of the Mediterranean Sea. They also guide by animals players and cuddles like cats.

A bathrobe for practical and sweet child

Your daughter will thwart without being prayed to our poncho and will have fun raising the hood on his head, she has wet hair or not. The embroidered pattern at the front representing a small bike girl on a pink background will seduce your child. She will be pleased to imagine stories and conversations between this girl and the two cats that surround her, in the middle of cactus and colorful palm trees. At the top left, two hot air balloons let themselves be guided into the air. This pretty child's bathrobeis designed in 100% embroidered velvet cotton 360 g / m² thickness and offers a soft texture.

A laundry for children to complement

If you want to offer your child a universe that carries it into a world of fantasy, you can complete this poncho by the different elements that make up the Manarola bath set. This collection includes towels of different sizes and a toilet glove. A nice set for all little girls and those who will soon be teenagers.

Poncho length

2/4 years: 53 cm; 6/8 years: 61 cm