Bathrobe Woman Cotton Col Kimono Hesperis Blue

145.00 $

The Hesperis woman bathrobe

Wrap up softness in this fluffy velvet bathrobe with chic and sober look.

The product

The Hesperis woman bathrobe is distinguished by her original blue Prussian color and her soft cotton velvet material of extreme softness. It has a shiny viscose liner along the neckline and on the bottom of the sleeves, which reinforces its chic and feminine side. It also has a stitched belt in the back and inner pockets.

The collection

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Hesperis collection inspired by Impressionist painters. Succumb to your desires with felted interiors with this bath towel with dark colors and its embroidered flower pattern.

Technical description

100% cotton
Fluffy cotton velvet
370 g / m²
Blue Prussia
Form :
Kimono Col and Piqué Belt
Length :
95 cm
Special feature:
Listed liner shiny viscose along the neckline and at the bottom of the sleeves