Calliopé mermaid pure cotton reversible duvet cover

130.00 $

The Calliopé duvet cover

An innovative collection with glittery details to amaze children.

The product

Once upon a time... Just like a life-size telltale, the Calliopé duvet cover invites children to daydream in a fantastic decor. Softness and gentleness radiate from this reversible collection with this gorgeous watercoloured mermaid and its subtle glittery details, and this beautiful print of heart-shaped shellfish. A rainbow of colours for our sweethearts.

The collection

Shellfish and marine animals play hide-and-seek with the glittery details of the Calliopé collection. A poetic decor for children who dream of the famous Little Mermaid.

Technical description

100% cotton
pure cotton 57 threads / cm²
A printed siren face on a white background with glittery details and a printed shells on white background
Double reversible decor, bottle shape