Pure Duvet Cover Printed Organic Cotton Girl Poetry


The Duvet Cover poetry

A double decor duvet cover to change decorations according to children's desires.

The product

The poetry duvet cover has a double inspiring decor and full of softness. Adorned with a trained little girl drawing with watercolor and pencil, this reversible duvet cover also takes a Liberty print with flowered patterns to breathe a poetry imprint atmosphere. Designed in pure organic cotton, this healthy and ecological bed linen is an invitation to reverie for the smallest.

The collection

The poetry collection features a little girl in a bucolic and rejuvenating decor. A ladder that combines poetic patterns with a Liberty print for a soft atmosphere.

Technical description

100% organic cotton
pure organic cotton 57 threads / cm²
A girl printed little girl on white background and a printed face flowers
Double reversible decor