Jalapao cotton percale duvet cover

170.00 $

Exotic and tropical patterns

Do you dream of a vacation in the sun, colors and big tropical flowers? Wait until you go on vacation by offering you jalapao duvet cover, resulting from a bed set for adults which is inspired by the beautiful exotic works of the Painter Customs Rousseau. This duvet cover Colorful is adorned with a large plant scene, with large flowers and birds, on a plain background of dragee color.

A soft and delicate printed duvet cover

This Cotton percale duvet cover 80 threads/cm² Enjoy a great sweetness that even seduces people with very sensitive skin. Its composition in very fine threads gives it a good breathability and it is an ideal bed linen in summer. It lets air circulate freely around the skin during the night. Printed according to the flat frame technique, the plant patterns enjoy very good hold in time and do not alter even after frequent washes. This is an excellent quality bed linen that you can use for many years.

A chamber with paradise islands

You will find yourself in the middle of the tropical jungle as soon as you slip under your sheets. Take advantage of the Jalapao bed set to create a very exotic decoration that helps you relax after a long day of work. Close your eyes, you are lying on the sand and sun rays caress your face: you can almost feel the bewitching scent of tropical flowers while birds of birds tear the atmosphere. And if you complete this postcard landscape by also opting for the jalapao rectangular pillowcase ?