Dreamful Cotton Cotton Bookmark Glove

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The Dreamful Toilet Glove

This embroidered toilet glove is an ideal gift to take care of your child. Its embroidered loop is recognized for its absorbent and durable power over time.

The product

The Dreamful toilet glove is a beautiful playful and inspiring creation. Designed in 100% cotton embroidered loop, this toilet glove gives you both softness and holding over time. Very absorbent, he faithfully accompanies your child at the time of the toilet. This toilet glove brings a superb note of sweetness at the time of the bath.

The collection

Dreamful is an adorable collection for children. Playful and graphic, Dreamful features a trilogy of animals with fine and quality embroidery. Choose from the deer, unicorn or mouse, to accompany your child at the bath time.

Technical description

Matter :
100% cotton
cotton loop
550g / m2
Finishing :


15 x 21 cm