Colorful Colorful Embroidered Cotton Hooded Hooded Taps - 2 Colors

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Bath linen for vitamin and plenty of peps

Two ears of unicorn in 3D, eyes and a finely embroidered mouth and a wick as colorful as a rainbow, you will love the Colorful hooded bath towelComing from a set while offset, graphic, fun and small animal representative. The bath linen Colorful puts from the peps in the bathroom so that the toilet takes place in the good mood. Your child is so happy to wrap in his hoody shower sheet, no longer coming out of the bath.

A bath cloth for absorbing and comfortable child

Fully designed in embroidered loop cotton, this Children's bath sheet Offers a mellow thickness of 550 g / m². It is both very absorbent and soft to the touch, ideal for the sensitive skin of the youngest. Your child will love wrap in the outlet of the shower, to feel immediately immersed in a wellness bubble. This very good bath linen supports the frequent machine wash up to 40 ° C, the dryer at 60 ° C maximum and the iron at 150 ° C maximum without losing neither its flexible and delicate texture nor The vivacity of his colors.

Let your child give free rein to his imagination

the Yellow Colorful Colorful Hooded Tap Was with bright colors that attract the younger look. Create for your child a universe that allows him to dream and make his imagination work. The Colorful bath set Gather several laundry elements that are ideal for dialing a fantastic decor in the bathroom. This hoodie sheet also exists in fuchsia and lagoon, resuming the same characteristics but by declining a doe head with a crown of flowers and a cat's head with an Indian headdress.


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