Percale Cotton jalapao outline sheet

45.00 $

Exotic graphics for this very original outline sheet

Inspired by lush leaflets of the jungle, the very beautiful motif of jalapao outline sheet deploys exotic and very graphic fins. Printed in light color on a dragee background, it is perfectly associated with the more lively colors of the other rooms of the Jalapao bed set. This fancy article will form a perfect set with the jalapao duvet cover And its multicolored print of leaves and toucans. Enough to create a bedroom for adults as original as it is exotic.

A cotton percale contour sheet

Designed with a pretty percale in Pure cotton of 80 threads/cm², this fitted sheet Imagined by Carré Blanc brings you comfort and softness throughout the night. Thanks to its resistant material, it is easy to maintain. This bed linen article offers a 30 cm hat height.