Carré Blanc's commitment

At Carré Blanc, we are committed to proposing a linen always more respectful of men and the environment. The textile industry is part of the most polluting industries. That's why we decided to change things and take new commitments  towards a more responsible approach. By producing in a better way, we hope to make you want to consume in a better way.

Quality raw materials

Carré Blanc uses the most noble raw materials, subject to indepth and systematic quality control . The flax used for the design of our linen is grown in Europe. Cotton, meanwhile, grows only in hot countries, such as Pakistan, Brazil or the United States. It is then routed to our partner plants to be used in the making of our linen. At present, the majority of our products are manufactured in Europe.

Focused on your well-being We chose the percale and the satin cotton to guarantee great resistance and unparalleled comfort. Whether it's our bed linen, our swimming ranges or our duvets and pillows, all our products meet the most advanced requirements in terms of quality of textiles and finishes. From the origin of raw materials to the production places of our linen, we reveal everything you have the right to know. We do not hide anything, everything is transparent.

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Respectful collections

GOTS Certification

Our linen collections Certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) assures you the biological quality and textile production responsible from an ecological and social point of view. The use of organic cotton considerably reduces the use of chemicals, pesticides and water. Thanks to this label, we are sure that the workers of our partner plants benefit from a Stable, fair and ethical work environment, in agreement with our values.

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Oeko-Tex Certification

We are committed to producing a linen respectful of men and the planet. This is why almost all of our products are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This label is an international control system that guarantees the absence of harmful substances .To check this status, you can fill in one of our certification numbers on the Oeko-Tex website.

European Flax® Certification

Our washed linen bed linen collections are certified European Flax®. This label guarantees the European origin of a premium quality flax fiber. Cultivated in the heart of Flanders that is 100% vegetable and vegan. Coming from environmentally friendly local agriculture, without irrigation or GMO, the flax used for the manufacture of our linen products has no health risk. Healthy, durable and ethical, it stands out for its exceptional natural properties.

Our actions for the environment

Attempting to reduce our impact on the environment also goes through other efforts more accountable, so we are engaged in the fight for recycling. Carré Blanc organizes a big used linen collection baptized Collect Box. A solidarity operation which aims to accompany the Association the relay Member of Emmaus France, in its mission of social reintegration and circular economy. Every year, near 50 tons Linen are recycled to serve in particular for the manufacture of insulating equipment for the house.

At Carré Blanc, we think it's by changing little things you manage to achieve big changes. That's why all our team is mobilized To put in place effective measures beneficial for the planet. So we redesigned our packagings to minimize plastic and we now use a 100% recycled paper To edit our catalogs and communication media. Every day we are making efforts to improve and consider linen otherwise

We call for the service of ecological delivery Colissimo de la Poste to deliver quickly while respecting the environment. Your parcels are thus routed with electric vehicles by eco-driving postmen who limits CO2 emissions. Our carbon footprint is offset by plans to combat climate warming conducted by mail, France and around the world. This mode of own delivery is part of our approach to responsibility towards the sustainable development over the long term.

Carré Blanc solidarity

Carré Blanc supports non-profit organizations who fight against inequalities and help people in difficulty. Among our partner associations: The Ark, Childhood Maghreb Future, Laughter Physician or Emmaus Solidarity. From family, social causes, that we are happy to support through the benefits of our sales or mere donations.