Percale Cotton Pillow Pillow Cotton Liberty Flowers Ondine

40.00 $

A more romantic pillowcase

Do you like Liberty prints? So, you will be seduced by the Square Ondine pillowcaseOne of the elements of the eponymous adult bed set. With his delicate printed who come from all the nuances of pale green, she reminds the decor of an English garden indeed. This pillowcaseIn percale is adorned with a vegetable all-over to the green shadow on each of its faces, as if the small floral motifs floated on the surface of the water. A bellows make the pillowy even more air while small mother-of-pearl buttons sublimate the whole.

Bed linen of very good quality

Designed in 100% percale cotton 80 son / cm²This fancy pillowcase will seduce you immediately with its great sweetness and lightness. The very fine and long cotton threads of which it is composed leave the air around the epidermis during the night. This bed linen is also very popular with people with easily irritable skin. To maintain it properly, wash it in a machine on a moderate cycle to maximum 40 ° C. For drying, prefer the free air or the dryer set up to 60 ° C and, at the time of ironing, do not heat the sole with more than 150 ° C.

An English garden atmosphere in your adult room

Water bubbles, small aquatic flowers, green algae ... You will find yourself in the middle of a more relaxing bucolic scene. Enjoy it to relax completely and refresh you pleasantly in this English atmosphere. Remember to opt for the Ondine duvet cover, whose reasons resume exactly those of the square pillowcase.