Percale flat cloth cotton Issoria

150.00 $

A surge of butterflies in the room

Are you waiting for summer, heat and colors impatiently? Treat yourself with the Issoria flat sheetwhich is adorned with brilliant colors and a nice ultra -colored romantic pattern. A flight of watercolor butterflies is placed on the top of the sheet to create a universe full of cheerfulness in the room, contrasting strongly on the white background. The delicate finish of a Fuchsia piping is also added to the top of the sheet. It is a very elegant and refined peak flat sheet which adds a sparkling touch in the bedroom, the shade of immaculate white illuminating all the space.

An excellent quality sheet

Designed in cotton percale, thisflat sheet Enjoy a density of 80 wires/cm² and consists of long very fine threads which provide a very pleasant touch against the skin. It is an ideal bed linen that lets air circulate easily against the epidermis. So that this pretty sheet retains all its natural properties as well as its colors for many years, wash it in a moderate cycle at 40 ° C maximum. You can then dry it in the open air, so that it is threatening many rays of the sun, or in drum up to 60 ° C. For ironing, do not heat the iron sole at more than 150 ° C.

A spring atmosphere in the room

Do you like to amaze in front of a beautiful massif of flowers or in front of the shimmering colors of the wings of a butterfly? Create a little corner of paradise in your bedroom, to leave every night in a wonderful country of dreams. You can organize a beautiful bucolic and colorful decor by matching the bed sheet with the Issoria pillowcase.