A tendency and timeless time, our washed linen bed linen is a safe bet for the bedroom. Where is he from ? How is it made? What are its advantages and how to adopt it? Carré Blanc reveals everything to you to know about our Dream range.

How is our linen bed linen made?

At Carré Blanc, we have chosen the quality for our linen products. Certified European Flax®, a label that guarantees the traceability of a premium quality fiber cultivated in Europe, our dream range stems from environmentally friendly agriculture, without irrigation or OMG. After several manufacturing stages (Rely, Slipping, Peignage, Weaving, etc.), linen wires are transformed into fabric canvas in our partner factory in Portugal to make our washed linen bed linen.

We have made the choice of washed linen, a fabric that offers a softer and flexible feeling to the touch, for the manufacture of the dream collection. Washed at high temperature with the addition of softening products to eliminate the rough side of flax, the fabric softens. And for maximum well-being, our bed linen is bi-material: the reversible duvet cover has a very comfortable washed cotton side in contact with the skin.

A trendy fabric that has many advantages

Although it connects us to the past, linen is a fabric resolutely in tune with the times. Appreciated for its raw and authentic appearance, it brings a bohemian chic touch to our interior. Cushion cover, edited, tablecloth: washed linen is integrated into all rooms in the house, but it is in the room that it is most present. And for good reason, this natural fiber has many properties. Fresh in hot weather and insulating in cold weather, washed linen allows the body temperature to be regulated during our sleep. Particularly breathable, he quickly evacuates perspiration.

Healthy, hypoallergenic and comfortable, washed linen bed linen is suitable for both adults and children. Available in a wide palette of colors, our dream range takes very current tones, from the most lively to pastels. To create your own decor, we put on shades of colors, or dare to darken the contrasts to energize the atmosphere and bring more character to the night area. For Create mix & match Trends and change style according to your desires, combine our linen linen in united with our other collections with fancy patterns.