If we are delighted with the return of summer, the sun and the heat also involve some less sympathetic drawbacks, such as perspiration and the difficulties of sleeping. To survive the hottest months, it is better to carefully choose the materials that make up our household linen. Follow the leader !

Linen: the summer star

Thanks to its thermoregulatory power, Linen bed linen brings freshness in summer and regulates body temperature during our sleep. Particularly breathable, it quickly evacuates perspiration and absorbs moisture to allow us to sleep in good conditions. Anallergic and antibacterial, linen also has the advantage of suitable for as many people as possible. In soft or lively colors, it stands out as our ally to spend sweet nights.

Dreaming bed set

Cotton percale for fresh sheets

Made from vegetable fibers, The cotton percale is distinguished by its weaving that is both tight and aerial which offers a feeling of freshness. Natural material, cotton is a very absorbent fabric, so it is suitable for dormants with high sweating. Other advantages: the cotton is soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic. And for those who wish to accessorize their bed with lightness, nothing like a cotton gauze bed, characterized by its trendy embossed appearance.

Neo bed set

The honeycomb bathrobe

Woven in cotton, the honeycomb is actually a quality of sponge with the honeycomb structure which gives it a large capacity for absorption. Flexible and light, The honeycomb bathrobe is appreciated because it dries quickly, making it the perfect accessory for sunny days. He can even act as a dressing gown! We particularly like it in its version with sleeves ¾ and cuts above the knee to cocoon without being hot.

Artsy bath bathrobe