Living better by living more slowly ... What if that was that, the secret to be happy? In any case, this is what the trend of "Slow Living". Very popular in the Scandinavian countries, this philosophy against the tide of our consumer society applies to all spheres: cooking, travel, and even decoration. So, do we follow the movement?

What is "slow life"?

A praise for slowness, this is how we could describe the "slow living". Appeared in the 1980s in Italy, this art of living consists of slow down the rhythm of our life To find more sense and harmony. A kind of invitation to take advantage of the present moment by reconnecting to essential things. Clearly: stop running everywhere, all the time, for live in fullness Rather than in a state of permanent stress. Take a break, making a nose to the concept of productivity that governs our modern societies.

How to adopt the "slow life" on a daily basis?

The “slow life” encompasses all the activities that do us good and that cut us off from our sometimes frantic daily life. It can be to cook a good meal, read a book by the fire, or even share a friendly family meal. More broadly, it is devote more time to pleasant activities To restore a certain balance to our life. Every day, we agree for a moment of relaxation to step back and take care of yourself. For example: banish the screens after 9 p.m., go for a lunch break, take a hot bath when you get home from the office. The important thing is find what works best for us.

The "slow living" in the decoration

The decoration has not escaped the Slow movement. And for good reason, to change your way of life, you have to start with Change the atmosphere in which we live. To do this, we abandon the loaded decoration in favor of a more functional interior. Mainguards: simplicity and practicality. Resolutely minimalist, the “slow decor” gives pride of place to natural materials both on the furniture and in textiles. In practice, we favor the warm colors that promote well-being, and we add softness to its interior with candles that diffuse a dim light. Comfortable and relaxing, the interior "slow" is An interior that looks like us above all.

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