Praised for his resolutely Zen mind, the Feng Shui decoration is inspired by a Chinese art of living which aims to harmonize the energy of a place so as to promote the well-being of its occupants. Choice of colors, materials, layout of rooms: discover how to arrange your living space to create a Feng Shui atmosphere.

The colors of the Feng Shui decor

A feng shui decoration consists of Yin colors and of Yang colors. The first, evoking soothing and suitable for rest, are ideal for dressing the bedroom, living room or bathroom. The second, more lively and energetic, are more recommended in rooms such as the kitchen, the entrance hall or the office. Thus, the Feng Shui atmosphere will have to respect a certain color balance To create perfect harmony in the house.

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Materials for a Zen interior

Feng shui which means "wind and water" is based on a deep connection with nature. To compose a feng shui atmosphere, you will have to bet on natural materials Like wood, rattan, glass or metal. Textiles, on the other hand, must be designed from vegetable materials, mainly cotton and flax. You can associate them with personal decoration objects to promote positive energies in your environment.

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How to place your feng shui furniture?

Invisible energy that connects the elements that make up the universe, the chi enters the home through the doors and comes out through the windows. To make sure to do circulate good energies In our house, you must have your furniture carefully. The bed or the sofa should never hinder the passage and be back to a door or window. Minimalist and ventilated, the feng shui interior must promote the feeling of well-being and serenity.

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