bohemian decoration 

Ethnic patterns, you will adopt

To breathe a resolutely nomadic atmosphere into your interior, opt for Berber inspiration prints: most often are geometric patterns woven in cotton. A nod to crafts, the bohemian trend gives pride of place to traditional prints and highlights cultures from around the world. Nothing like traveling without moving from your sofa!

The ethnic patterns of the Kelim bed set


Soft colors, you will choose

Like the Scandinavian decoration, the bohemian chic spirit consists of soft and soothing shades such as white, ivory, light gray and pastel. His natural tones bring a romantic side to the room. The bohemian trend also has contrasts with bright colors to switch the atmosphere in a more folk style.

The Diane Bedroom Set For a Bohemian Room


Cocooning materials, you will praise

Resolutely cozy, the bohemian interior is based on matters inspired by the trip, such as woven cotton, false fur, velvet and jacquard embroidery. Dispressing, the Boho decoration calls on the senses and is distinguished by a few details that make all the difference, whether it is a very soft cushion or a warm plead judiciously placed on the bed.

We warm the atmosphere with a fluffy plaid


For linen, you will crack

Washed flax 

We adopt linen bed linen


Decorative objects, you will add

To refine your bohemian inspiration interior, choose decorative objects matching your textiles. Berber carpet, light garland, macrame and braided baskets will be your best allies. On the furniture side, opt for natural materials such as wood, rattan and wicker. They will bring an additional charm and a bit retro to your house.

Macramé for a bohemian atmosphere

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