After being cataloged with has been for several years, rattan made his return in force in the decoration. This exotic material is invited in all rooms in the house to create a natural and devilishly bohemian atmosphere. 

The rattan armchair: the essential

The rattan armchair is the vintage piece that everyone is tearing off! His singular style allows him to integrate into different styles of decoration, while bringing him a good dose of cachet. Evocative of the seventies years, its authentic and nostalgic spirit appeals to us. Today, it is also suitable for ethnic, Scandinavian or bohemian chic interiors. In the bedroom, the rattan chair will find its place alongside a linen bed set.

A rattan luminaire for a Zen atmosphere

Season after season, the rattan managed to sneak in small touches in our decoration. Besides the furniture, we also like it as a lighting to diffuse a soft light and subdued in the room. Hanging to the ceiling, the rattan suspension distills a nice note of charming exoticism. Arranged on the ground, the rattan lanterns Create an atmosphere a bit tropical, ideal for traveling your interior.

Rattan baskets to put away in style

Among our favorite pieces, the rattan basket is the new storage accessory to be accumulated everywhere in the house. Both practical and aesthetic, it allows us to elegantly hide our small everyday objects while keeping them at hand. Its natural fibers can accommodate our favorite books, children's toys, or even household linen. His artisanal spirit will bring a zest of sun and will settle wonderfully in our universe.