Timeless, the bohemian style is accompanied this season of vintage notes. Between natural materials and nostalgic colors, this hybrid style promises to breathe a cozy and authentic atmosphere in our interior this spring-summer. Decryption.

The marriage between vintage bohemian

Inspired by the Hippie-Chic era, Bohemian style Seduced thanks to his nomadic spirit which makes you blow out desires in our house. Drawing on raw materials, patterns inspired by nature and a palette of neutral colors, this type of decor still has a bright future ahead of it. As proof: it is associated with vintage style this spring-summer to compose an ever softer atmosphere.

Where the traditional boho style advocates the accumulation of organized disorderly objects, Vintage style Building on well -chosen parts that evoke the old decades. To adopt the vintage bohemian style, we must therefore manage to marry the elements of the past and the present! A bohemian bed set and retro decorative objects will for example form a duo perfectly in tune with the times.

Bed set Ô Gaïa

And to be right in the trend, we put on aSeventies decor With floral patterns and bright colors. What bring a good dose of good humor in our interior!


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