Nothing is lost, everything is recycled! Discover our step -by -step tutorial to give a second life to your duvet covers and make the youngest happy with this cabin.

Video: DIY: Make a children's cabin with a duvet cover

Equipment :

A duvet cover 220 x 240

Step 1

Position the chairs in anyone: two in front of approximately one meter and one behind.

2nd step

Set the broom handle on the back of the chair placed at the bottom.

Step 3

Draw a slit of about 70 cm in the chimney of the duvet cover from its middle.

Step 4

Cut the traced slot in the fireplace.

Step 5

Position the duvet cover so that the fireplace is centered between the 2 front chairs.

Step 6

Adjust the entire duvet cover on the chairs fairly.

Step 7

Pinch on both sides with the clothespins to create the opening. The cabin is ready!