Marrying styles is more difficult than you imagine, especially in decoration. However, mixing objects, colors and materials gives a real identity to its interior. It even has a name: The trend of the mix and match ! Ready to get started? Discover all our tips for creating winning compositions and renewing your decor.

Mix decorative styles

You can't choose between several decoration styles? Never mind, the tendency of the mix and match gives pride of place to the mismatched decor! Create your own style by combining vintage and industrial style, or Tropical decoration And Scandinavian. It is also allowed to mix the eras: in terms of mix and match, nothing beats a mixture of old and again. The house becomes a real playground where everything is allowed.

The trend of the mix and match also applies to furniture. But beware of the bad mix! In order to avoid any misstep, it is advisable to find a common denominator Between colors and materials. For example: we combine art deco style furniture - composed of materials like brass and velvet - with chic jungle accessories with lively tones. We thus obtain a colorful and singular mix and match.

Mix colors and prints

From bright red to curry yellow, royal blue and emerald green - the mix and match does not impose any color restriction. On the contrary ! Bold and original, this decorative trend is an invitation to let your imagination speak to compose an atmosphere off the beaten track. If we can easily associate Like pink and gray, the mix and match can also break the codes with striking contrasts like green and yellow. The only golden rule: do not mix more than 3 colors to respect a certain visual harmony.

It is also necessary to play on the various prints By combining several different models. For example, a vegetable pattern is easily combined with an animal print. On the material side, again, we do not hesitate to adopt the mix and match to give a soul to its interior. Choose ethnic fabrics and mix them with bohemian materials like linen: the mixture of styles will bring a warm and singular appearance to your decoration. Better yet: report fabrics of your trips to form a happy melting pot.

The rules are made to be transgressed, especially in the world of decoration. So we start and shape an interior that looks like us, both personal and atypical. More than a trend, the mix and match is an art: that of mixing styles and eras to reinvent its decoration. Do not hesitate to consult Our favorite Instagram Accounts To find inspiration!