Warm colors, ethnic patterns and a good dose of change of scenery: Indian decoration has the gift of making us travel. From accessories to furniture to household linen, discover our tips to adopt the Bollywood touch at home.

Spicy colors

Green, yellow, red, blue, gold: India is a real fireworks in color! No wonder, therefore, that we find these vibrant colors in interior decoration. And since the Indian style has no limit, we gladly dare MIX AND MATCHES Colorful and daring. In the bedroom, with an oriental style bed set, and in the bathroom, with towels with multicolored details that awaken the room.

Bombay bed set

Rich patterns

Indian crafts have long been a source of inspiration in the field of textiles. Tie and dye, Batik or Mandala motif: these traditional prints which are an integral part of Indian culture are appreciated for their beauty and their complexity. To give an ethnochic spirit In our interior, we therefore integrate ornamental and geometric patterns, through household linen, a carpet or even curtains.

Bombay bathing set

A relaxing atmosphere

To stage your Indian decor, don't forget to bet on certain accessories. Candles, incense and essential oils will help you distill a soft atmosphere, conducive to meditation. Add to that typically Indian decorative objects: metal lantern, religious statuette, carved wooden furniture ... and let the charm operate. Who said you had to take the plane to get away?

Bombay cushion cover