After the marriage of Japan and Scandinavia, the Scandinavian style reinvents itself once again to give birth to a new decorative trend: scandicraft. Born from the contraction of "Scandinavian" and "Craft", this term designates the meeting between Nordic Deco and the authentic side of the Modern Craft movement. Decryption!

What is the Scandicraft trend?

Among the main trends of 2021, scandicraft is on the rise. After the reign of the Scandinavian decoration, this new variant promises to come Reheat the coldness of the Nordic style With warm elements. Design furniture gives way to raw materials. Indeed, the Scandicraft decor echoes nature and wants to be more responsible. Recovery objects are therefore acclaimed in this type of interior that invites you to return to the basics and simple things. Despite his deliberately minimalism mind, the Scandicraft style aims to be cozy and welcoming. The furniture has more roundness, the textiles are more comfortable and the prints more whimsical than in the Nordic decoration. Strongly inspired by the "hygge" atmosphere, the Scandicraft style is a real invitation to cocooning. It is an interior that gains in authenticity by giving pride of place to natural and craft materials.

How to integrate this decoration into its interior?

In practice, this type of decor consists of materials that stick to The rustic and ethnic aspect Scandicraft: light wood, wicker, rattan combine with voucher objects and green or dried plants. On the colors side, we put on the softness of the shades like beige, light gray or terracotta, associated with pastel colors - rosewood, almond green or even pale yellow. Militous plaids and cushions are welcome to create a welcoming and intimate decoration. And because the Scandicraft style advocates eco-responsibility, we choose lasting textiles with organic cotton linen. Linen can also be a good alternative: its raw and nature aspect will find its place in the scandicraft interiors. The goal? Succeed in creating a decoration that is both refined and comforting.