The folding of the towel is an art! There are those who want to gain space in the cabinets, those who want to impress their guests with a creative folding, and those who want to treat the decoration of their bathroom ... Let yourself be guided using these 3 video tutorials to learn how to fold your towels.

Bath towel folding in circles

Want to Transform your bathroom into a real spa ? Opt for a round towel folding for a chic and sophisticated rendering. To do this, spread out your flat bath towel, then fold a corner to align it perfectly on the opposite edge so as to form a diamond. Then fold the rest of the towel in half lengthwise, before rolling it tight.

Flat bath towel folding

Simple and efficient, flat towel folding optimizes the storage of your bath linen in the house. To make this technique, nothing could be simpler: place your flat bath towel to fold it in three equal sections lengthwise. Then fold the towel in two for the first time, this time in the width direction, then a second time. And There you go !

Creative bath towel folding

Nothing like a swan -shaped towel folding to impress friends or family visiting you. Spread your flat bath towel and place your finger in the center to roll both sides inward. Then form a swan head. In addition: folding a second fan towel that you will have on the first to form the swan wings.