Simple and refined kitchen with white square household linen

Trends - How to decorate my kitchen?

It's decided, you want to change the decoration of your kitchen! Only problem: you don't know where to start. Work plans, central island, colored touches ... There are many decorative ideas to imagine your interior decoration and create trendy cuisine.

What color to decorate my kitchen?

To transform your kitchen easily, nothing like a layer of paint. Exit white cuisine, the trend is with colorful walls! And more particularly in natural colors such as blue, green, yellow or even terracotta color. To enlarge a small kitchen, it is best to choose light colors that will brighten up space. Another alternative: paint only a section of wall in a dark color to bring depth to the room. Unlike small spaces, large kitchens can be decorated with darker tones to give cachet to its interior.

What style of decoration for my kitchen?

Minimalist cuisine, design kitchen, vintage kitchen… To arrange a beautiful kitchen, you still have to start by finding your style! Wooden kitchens, for example, are synonymous with authenticity and integrate perfectly into country houses. The Scandinavian kitchens find their place in more modern interiors thanks to their furniture inspired by the Nordic countries. Because the kitchen is often the central room of the house, it must be both functional, pleasant and friendly. To perfect the decoration of the dining area, think of kitchen linen : tablecloths, napkins and tea towels are essential elements for dressing trendy cuisine.

Decorate your kitchen: decorative ideas

Small or large, open or closed kitchen, central island or not ... The decoration of the kitchen will not be the same depending on the configuration of the room. If you have an open kitchen for example, think of good associate With the dining room for a perfectly harmonious rendering. If you are afraid to get into painting, why not opt ​​for wallpaper? Resolutely in tune with the times, this wall covering makes it possible to revamp the dining area in no time. There are patterned wallpapers that stick to any kitchen. Whether graphic or more classic, you will necessarily find your style to customize the walls.