For several years now, plant has grown more and more in our interiors. Through the jungle trend, first, then with the return of floral patterns in XXL format. Today, the trend is still evolving and goes from green and exotic plants to dry plants. Discover our tips to adopt this style at home.

Dry plant for a bohemian chic decor

The dry plant trend gives pride of place to dried flowers that literally invade our interiors. It also involves natural fiber materials such as rattan, the cannage effect, the pampa, the palm leaves or the banana trees on our furniture, lighting and decorative accessories.

Sweving mixture of fresh colors, exotic patterns and raw materials, the dry plant trend breathes a bohemian chic spirit into all the rooms of the house. Coming from natural and ecological materials, the dry vegetable style is close to Scandicraft movement.

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How to introduce this trend with you?

Dried flowers are essential to adopt the dry plant trend and give your interior this spirit Villa so much sought after. On the furniture side, you have to favor wood, bamboo, rattan or wicker. 100% natural material carpets are to be mixed on the floor or playing hanging on the walls.

Linen textiles are the most suitable for sticking to the authentic style of this decoration. A set of bed linen With dry plant patterns by repetition or the entire linen brings a touch of escape to your room. It is associated with a rattan head or caning to be perfectly in the trend.

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"The little thing" by Emmanuelle Rivassoux

Interior decorator and brand ambassador for white square, Emmanuelle Rivassoux Give you your little tip to make your bouquet of dried flowers yourself:

"Immortalize your bouquets of fresh flowers before they fade by drying them hanging their heads down. Then give them a second life in a pretty vase or put them flat in a transparent setting with a light colorful or golden outline. Finally under bell like an exhibition ”.