Warm and authentic, country houses have this charm of yesteryear that still seduces us today. Natural colors, plant patterns, furniture in raw materials: rural style responds to very specific codes that should be respected to manage to create an interior that is both chic and cozy. Discover all our advice to adopt The campaign style in the House.

Campaign style in the room

It is well known: happiness is in the meadow! So to shape an atmosphere inspired by the countryside, nothing such as plant patterns to dress up household linen. In the room, we choose a pretty Fantasy bed set of country inspiration that evokes all the beauty of nature. To stick to the vintage style specific to country houses, head to raw materials such as linen and cotton, which offer a comforting welcome at bedtime, but also a form of durability thanks to their resistant natural fibers. Sober and relaxing, the country house style room invites you to slow the pace, way"Slow Living".

The campaign style in the bathroom

Want to give your shower room the spirit of yesteryear? For this, we surf on a decor that comes back to the essentials with noble and raw furniture, made from vegetable fibers such as rattan, wicker, wood or even sea rush. Without forgetting the bath linen Whether we choose from timeless tones: white, beige, gray, associated or not with other colors. Greens, pink, mauves or reds are perfectly integrated into the neo-rustic and elegant spirit of the country house style. Choose a united bathing set or patterned toilet towels to add an original touch to your rural decor.

The country style in the kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly the easiest room to be set up to create this old firm spirit brought up to date. Stones, wood, beams, tomettes or even cement tiles: we put on essential materials that tell a story and illustrate the charm of past years. Textile side, opt for a kitchen linen On country or country patterns that invite you to meet around the table for family lunches. Friendly and full of charm, the kitchen can be accessorized with decorative objects such as a bouquet of dried flowers or a pretty ceramic dishes, found in the local flea market.