You may not have known it, but Your sleep position says a lot about your personality and your emotional state. When we sleep, our body frees itself from the grip of our consciousness and reveals a multitude of hidden things in our unconscious. On the back, the belly or in a fetal position: discover what is behind your way of sleeping.

The position on the side

Also called "the position of the log", it designates being lying on the side, the legs stretched and the arms along the body. In general, people who adopt this type of position have a relaxed and warm personality. These are sociable people, very comfortable in a group, who do not testify or very few anxieties on a daily basis. It is estimated that 15% of the population sleep in this position.

The position on the belly

The "free fall" reflects a great need for protection and affection. Sleeping on the belly are cheeky beings, but who actually hide great sensitivity and do not support criticism. Only 7% of the population seems to sleep in this position. The head turned on one side or the other, it is estimated that this sleep posture is the worst for the cervical.

The position on the back

Lying with his arms along the body, the "soldier" faces his environment, without fear or need to protect himself from the outside. These are peaceful people but perfectionist in the soul who place the bar very high. Reserved in nature, sleeping on the back are loyal and take great care of their family ties. They represent only 8% of the population.

The fetal position

The back on the side and slightly bent, the knees brought towards the body: the fetal position often expresses a desire to return to childhood. Those who sleep in this way are generally sensitive and very emotional individuals. They show tenderness but are afraid of being injured. This is the most common posture, adopted by 41% of the population.

The star of sea

The followers of this posture sleep on the back with the arms and legs apart. They are listening to others who have major empathy faculties. This position can also translate a feeling of domination: these individuals like to be the center of attention when they are in a group. Only 5% of people adopt this unusual position.

Whatever your way of sleeping, know that the latter also has an impact on your health. To limit the risk of pain when you wake up, discover Our guide to choose a pillow Suitable for your sleep position. Soft or firm, he will be able to accompany you to spend sweet nights.