TENDANCES - Cadeaux de naissance : nos idées pour faire plaisir

Trends - birth gifts: our ideas to please

Birth box, bathing cape, comforter or baby sleeping bag: it is not always easy to choose the ideal gift for the arrival of a newborn baby. Discover our selection of chewable articles to celebrate this happy event and please young parents.

Bath Cape: A nice birth gift idea

First essential to accommodate baby: The bath cape 

Sweetful bath cape

Childcare accessories: a safe bet

Impossible to be wrong by offering a childcare gift at birth. Used on a daily basis, these accessories for baby well-being provide comfort and sweetness to toddlers. Flat comforter, cotton muslin, plaid or nomad carpet: there is no shortage of birth gift ideas! To make fun, sure, bet on an accessory that combines soft colors and endearing patterns like small animals.

Lot of 3 Festine languages

Embroidery for a unique birth gift

Want to stand out with a really original birth gift? To do this, offer a personalized gift by embroidering initials, a first name or a soft word on the article of your choice. Thanks to service embroidery Available in white square store, personalizing your birth gift is a breeze! Location, size, wire color: we take care of every detail to allow you to offer the most beautiful attentions.