In lack of greenery? What if you invite nature to your interior? Soothing and rejuvenating, the green decoration has only benefits. Discover 5 ways to integrate it into the house.

Adopt plant prints

To make your interior breathe, nothing like botanical patterns! Choose textiles with green prints for your cushions, bedrooms, carpets, curtains ... Bet on tropical patterns to add a touch of exoticism to your decor or floral prints for a soft atmosphere Villa.

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Accumulate green plants

City downs will have every interest in enjoying the freshness that green plants insuffle from all kinds. In addition to their relaxing side, they also have the advantage of clearing your interior. Again, choose plants in line with your decoration: cacti for a bohemian style or bonsais for a Feng Shui atmosphere.

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Furnish with natural materials

Very popular in the world of decoration, natural materials like bamboo, rattan or jute seduce thanks to their artisanal and authentic spirit. Punctuate your decor with these raw materials which evoke nature and which allow us to surf on different styles of decoration: bohemian, exotic or seaside.

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Dress the walls with mineral colors

Nature invites itself everywhere and goes so far as to line the walls! Green, blue, cream, terracotta… opt for pastel colors in the room. Life plays can take more invigorating tones to make you travel as if you were outside. The most daring can even try the Fresco -style wallpaper.

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Make your own decorative objects

What could be more natural than creating your own decorative items from recycled elements? Recycle your used household linen to transform it into a decorative drum thanks to our DIY tutorial. Slide a few dried flowers in your pretty drum and hang it in a room to instill a little greenery.