Need of holidays ? What if you adopt a decoration that allows you to travel, without moving from your sofa? Green plants, lush prints, natural materials ... Discover our favorite pieces to distill exoticism everywhere in the house.

A fancy bedback

Nothing like a colorful bed set to shape an exotic atmosphere. Rose, yellow, red, green: invite the intense shades of tropical fauna and flora to bring spice to your room. Inspired by the wild wealth of the jungle, our Jalapao collection will offer you a simple one for the holidays thanks to its colors that breathe good humor.

A jute carpet

The gross fibers of the jute carpet integrate perfectly into a tropical style decoration. Round or rectangular, sometimes with ethnic patterns, its natural aspect evokes the craftsmanship of the world. It is the ideal accessory to warm the atmosphere: it is adopted in the entrance, in the living room or at the foot of the bed for an interior that invites escape.

Abundance plants

To find all the green tones that characterize tropical decoration, only one solution: bring nature into the house! Palm leaves, giant monstera, banana and bamboo will bring the desired exotic note. Decorative advice: Use natural material caches for 100% successful decor.

Wicker baskets

The wicker basket is an essential element of a tropical decoration worthy of the name. More than a storage accessory, its bohemian look brings charm to all the corners of the house. Do not hesitate to accumulate baskets to echo all the plants present in your interior and refine your chic jungle atmosphere.

Original accessories

Since tropical decoration does not rhyme with minimalism, complete your interior decoration with cushions with plant or animal patterns. Arranged on the bed or on the sofa, these accessories will allow you to Create mix and match. An original way to combine the patterns, colors and materials of the tropical universe.