Who said spas were reserved for luxury hotels or beauty salons? Thanks to a few decorative elements and household linen, reproducing your cocooning atmosphere directly at home becomes possible. Discover our tips for enjoying moments of relaxation at home and give your bathroom for 5 -star spas.

Tip n ° 1: Soft lighting

Synonymous with well-being and disconnection, the SPA requires sifted lighting to breathe a warm atmosphere into the room. We therefore swap the too aggressive lighting against indirect lighting lights, such as bamboo lanterns arranged on the ground. Better still, we recreate an atmosphere worthy of the most beautiful spas by simply betting on natural light sources with candles or photophores. Why not opt ​​for Scented candles ? His captivating aromas will help even alert your senses and escape your daily life, time to enjoy a good bath.


Tip n ° 2: comforting textiles

Who says Spa, says comfort. To make your bathroom a real little cocoon, bet on quality textiles with exceptional absorption capacities and elegant finishes. Choose a bathing set Cotton with dense grammage to slip into soft and soft sponges. Prefer a united bathroom cloth for a classic style, or head to embroidered toilet towels for a more refined spirit. The only golden rule: we ban mismatched bathing laundry! Finally, remember to keep this sleek space: Store your household linen In baskets, or roll your towels instead of folding them, as in a real spa.


Tip n ° 3: soothing colors

On the color side, give pride of place to mineral tones, such as beige, cream, mole or light gray. The latter can get married to natural shades like blue and green, provided they are adopted in a pastel version to keep a spa look. For a harmonious rendering, bet on complementary colors for Create mix and match successful. For example, blue and white form an ideal duo to infuse a relaxing marine atmosphere in the bathroom. In general, all bright colors are to be avoided to maintain an intimate atmosphere conducive to serenity.