Elected favorite color of the French, blue is a sure value of our interiors. Whether it is azure, cobalt or duck, it allows you to create a seaside atmosphere that appeals to as many people as possible. Interior decorator and ambassador for white square, EmmanuelIe Rivassoux gives us his tips to adopt the blue color this season.

Hello Emmanuelle! Can you explain to us where this trend comes from?

In 1930, it was fashion that put blue in the spotlight with the color change of uniforms that went from black to navy blue. When we talk about blue, we also think of the famous blue Klein, created in the 1960s by the visual artist Yves Klein. Blue has become a timeless classic, it leaves our interiors for a while to come and settle there again a few years later.

How does it translate?

Blue has a strong influence on our mood. It promotes reflection, relaxation and serenity. For this reason, this color is ideal in the bathrooms. In a room, she will promote deep sleep.

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In what interior style can we integrate blue?

Scandinavian, industrial, art deco, contemporary styles ... It is the color that works in all types of interior!

How to adopt this trend at home and how to associate it?

Blue has the particularity of being a color that can be associated between its different shades, that is to say that one can mix in the same decor several bruises. And the list is long ! Blue sky, navy blue, midnight blue, duck blue, peacock blue, turquoise blue, indigo blue ... whether your household linen is united or with patterns, blue is infinitely mixed.

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