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ENTRETIEN - Nos meilleures astuces pour bien laver son linge

What a joy to slip into clean cotton sheets at the end of the day! For Maintain your household li...

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Maintenance - Our best tips for washing your laundry

ENTRETIEN - Comment bien entretenir son matelas ?

We spend an average of a third of our life in bed. For this reason, it is important to goodMainta...

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Maintenance - How to maintain your mattress well?

ENTRETIEN - Comment entretenir son peignoir de bain ?

A must for anyone looking to create a relaxing spa experience at home, the humble bathrobe is a w...

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CARE - Looking after your bathrobe

ENTRETIEN - Comment ranger son linge de lit ?

Whether you’re stuck for space or struggle to find the time, it’s not always easy to find the rig...

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CARE - Tips for storing bed linen

ENTRETIEN - Comment entretenir sa literie ?

It’s important to take care of your bedding for a restful night’s sleep. To ensure your bedroom r...

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CARE - How to look after your bedding

ENTRETIEN - Comment entretenir son linge de maison ?

Taking care of your bath linen and bed linen = a guaranteed good night’s sleep. From washing and ...

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CARE - Looking after your bed linen

ENTRETIEN - Comment laver son tapis de bain ?

Just like your bath towels, your bathmat should be washed regularly to minimize the spread of bac...

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CARE - How to wash your bathmat

ENTRETIEN - Laver sa couette : le guide pour entretenir son linge de lit

We all appreciate the simple pleasures in life - a freshly changed bed, with sheets and pillowcas...

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CARE - Tips for washing and taking care of your duvet

ENTRETIEN - Comment laver sa serviette de bain ?

Dreaming of creating your very own at-home spa? Nothing says relax like a stack of soft, warm bat...

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CARE - Top tips for washing bath towels

ENTRETIEN - À quelle fréquence faut-il laver ses draps ?

It’s a fact of life: we all hate doing the laundry. With that said, it’s important to make sure y...

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CARE - How often should you wash your bedding?