From our spring & summer 2022 collection, The bedroom Ô Gaïa Infresses natural and beneficial energy in the bedroom. Agnès, a stylist at Carré Blanc, reveals the secrets of manufacturing behind this collection with a bohemian decor, a nod to the Mother Earth Gaïa.

What were the inspirations for drawing this collection?

I was inspired by the plant trend, especially the dried flowers that have been imposed for a few seasons in our interior decorations. It is a tribute to nature and its benefits, to all the beauty that surrounds us.

Tell us about the drawing, how was it made?

The Ô Gaïa collection is entirely drawn in watercolor. It is a drawing made up of different flowers, which at second reading reveals a woman's face. From the root to the rod that draws the shoulder, the neck, these flowers suggest a mouth, an abundant eye and hair.

What makes the singularity of this collection?

This collection symbolizes the anchoring and connection to the Mother Earth called Gaia, the resources and the energy it brings us. For this reason, the drawing is printed on organic washed cotton, very soft to the touch. On the facing of the bed sheet and on the back of the pillowcases, there is a second decor with a thin stripe in watercolor, more graphic and vintage, on which come dried flowers.

For what type of interior decoration was this set been designed?

I can easily imagine this bed set in a bohemian bedroom, with fresh and soft colors, floor tomettes to warm lime coated walls. Rattan objects, raw wood ...

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