Inspired by the works of the French painter Henri Matisse, The Artsy collection reflects the inventiveness and audacity that have made the success of Carré Blanc since its creation. This reversible bed set depicts a colorful fresco like papers cut from one side and a black and white face drawn with gouache on the other. Agnès, stylist at Carré Blanc, reveals to us the secrets of manufacturing behind this collection with extraordinary graphics.

What were the inspirations for drawing this collection?

The initial idea was to work an abstract fresco, cut papers, in a flat of gouache color. I was inspired by Henri Matisse's work. The "Artsy" collection echoes its late period of collage assembly, a technique which he also called "drawing with scissors".

Tell us about the drawing, how was it made?

Fruits, birds, corals, peas ... I cut these elements directly into large sheets of paper in fresh and vitamin colors. I then assembled them to create a complex composition of elements that respond to each other.

Why did you choose to offer a completely different second decor?

The second decor also alludes to an important creative period of Matisse, but it is completely different in perception. He suggests a face by a simple continuous line, in black and white, awakened by this blue colored lozenge that makes the link with the first decor.

For what style of decoration was this set been designed?

This bed set is mixed, it is intended for both adults and teens. Thanks to its abstract curves and its very trendy face, it fits perfectly into urban interiors. The effects of brushes like a canvas make the singularity of this pictorial bed fresco.


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