GUIDE D'ACHAT - Tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur la percale de coton

Buying guide - Everything you need to know about the cotton percale

Commonly used in making bed linen, the cotton percale 80 wires/cm² is distinguished by its softness and its great resistance over time. Raw material, number of wires, advantages and maintenance: Carré Blanc reveals the secrets of this quality fabric that gives our bed linen all its high -end.

What is the cotton percale?

As its name suggests, the cotton percale consists of Cotton vegetable fibers, which grows mainly in the United States, India, China and Brazil. Cotton is harvested in the raw state, then it is subject to ginning and spinning. It is then used for the manufacture of household linen - bed linen, bathing and table linen.

The cotton percale is distinguished from the reinforced canvas and cotton satin by its density of threads, that is to say the number of threads which constitute the armor of the fabric. The percale has a Density of 80 threads/cm², which makes it a dense canvas with a soft and cute touch, reserved for quality bed linen. It is precisely this very tight weaving that gives the cotton percale its very resistant side.

What are the advantages of the cotton percale?

Cotton percale bedrooms and pillow pillowcases 80 wires/cm² have many advantages. Thanks to its absorbent power, this quality material allows good regulation of body temperature in winter and summer. The cotton percale is therefore suitable for sleepers with high sweating. It is particularly suitable for the most sensitive skin, thanks to its soft touch which does not irritate the skin.

Easy to maintain, bed linen in cotton percale 80 thread/cm² is washed between 40 ° C and 60 ° C and does not lose its quality over the washes. Unlike certain fabrics, the percale retains an incomparable outfit and the radiance of its colors over time. For Maintain your bed linen, remember to iron your sheets in percale. Thus, you will sublimate their matte appearance, different from that of satin, more brilliant, or linen, more crumpled.

The 80 -thread cotton percale at Carré Blanc

The peculiarity of white square lies in the realization of life -size drawings and exuberant patterns on bedding. The cotton percale 80 thread/cm² allows you to transcribe the artistic work of our stylists on the textile thanks to its fine quality weaving. We use the best workshops in Europe and more particularly in Portugal, the cradle of the textile industry, to design our Percale bedrooms 80 wires/cm².

We use cotton fibers Oeko-tex certified Standard 100 for making our household linen. This independent label guarantees the absence of harmful substances for health and the environment. Thanks to this certification, we are able to make pillowcases and percale sheets that are durable and respectful of our consumers and the planet.