When choosing a duvet cover, it’s important to pay attention to softness, comfort and quality. But with so many textile options out there - cotton, linen, silk - sometimes it’s difficult to come to a decision! Read on as we explain what to look for in your duvet cover.

Pure cotton duvet covers

Light and airy, pure cotton duvet covers (144 TC) are the go-to standard for quality bedding. Made from cotton blossom, this natural textile is extremely soft to the touch and is gentle on skin. Easy to maintain, it washes well, making it the ideal choice for children and teenagers.

Toile renforcée

Cotton percale duvet covers

Higher quality cotton percale is made from long, tightly woven cotton percale. Used mainly in luxury bedding, cotton percale’s smooth matte appearance makes it ideal for prints, while its high thread count (200 TC) makes it cool and fresh to the touch. A must for those looking to recreate a picture-perfect bedroom.

Percale de coton

Cotton sateen duvet covers

Cotton sateen’s tightly-woven, extra-long fibres (300TC) reflect the light beautifully, making it ideal for a grown-up bedroom. Like silk, satin is gentle on hair and skin during the night.

Satin de coton

Linen duvet covers

Les fibres de lin sont utilisées depuis longtemps pour la confection du linge de maison. Très résistante, cette matière naturelle se froisse avec noblesse, ce qui lui donne un aspect « vintage » tendance. Le linge de lit en lin est apprécié pour ses propriétés thermorégulatrices : sec en hiver et frais en été, il a l’avantage de convenir à toutes les saisons. Son petit plus ? Inutile de le repasser !

Linen is one of the oldest natural fibres in use. Extremely durable, its on-trend vintage look is loved by boho fans. Linen is also ideal for those living climates with extreme temperatures, as it keeps things cool in summer while remaining warm in winter. Bonus: no ironing required!

Lin lavé

Cotton-linen mix duvets

Cotton-linen mix duvets offer the best of both worlds: the softness of cotton and the freshness of linen. Slightly crinkled to the touch, the fabric is washed to ensure that it remains supple and soft. Its lightness and breathability makes it an ideal choice for hot summer nights.


Now that you’ve decided on your new duvet cover, it’s time to give your bedding a spring clean! Read on for our top tips on taking care of your bedding.