Do you want to refresh the decoration of your bathroom? Bathrobes, towels and bath mats are available in a thousand and one ways to allow you to revamp your interior. But what are the criteria to be taken into account before choosing your new toiletry linen? Discover our tips to renew your decoration and make your bathroom a wellness bubble.

What material for my bathing laundry?

The toilet linen generally consists of cotton buckle with more or less dense grammage. The greater the grammage, the more soft and absorbing the bathing linen. For a cocooning bathroom with a spa spirit, favor thick sponges with grammage greater than 500g/m², made from organic cotton as Our source range. Very trendy, honeycomb toiletry is distinguished by its embossed texture. Thanks to his light grammage, he will find his place in the more "cold" bathrooms with a Scandinavian spirit. Finally, bamboo viscose has a chic and shiny appearance, for all those who want to add a touch of refinement to their interior.

How to harmonize colors?

A hanging towel, a well -placed bath mat ... Bath linen is a full -fledged decoration object. To treat this room, you will first have to choose between a United bathing set or fantasy. If your bathroom has a patterned tiles, go to a monochrome towel linen. Conversely, dare the prints if your bathroom is the minimalist type. Then comes the choice of color. Depending on the season, vary the pleasures with a laundry in warm colors in winter and vitamin in summer. Whatever the shade chosen, avoid some Color Associations. For a harmonious rendering, favor a shades of the marriage of several tones that risk incompatibility.

How to define my decoration style?

The bathroom is a separate room, a place of relaxation where you feel good. So you have to embellish it and give him a style. The many variations in colors and toilet linen will allow you to obtain a sometimes exotic bathroom, sometimes bohemian or even urban. Succumb to the elegance of a natural colors bathing linen, or give your room for a piece with a seaside -minded toilet. Draw your inspiration from the furniture and the materials already present in the Piece to complete your decoration. Invited by small strategic touches, the bathing linen will refine the atmosphere of your bathroom with a more or less assertive character.

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