GUIDE D'ACHAT - Pourquoi adopter un sur-matelas ?

Buying Guide - Why adopt an over -mattress?

Did you know ? A mattress supports 2/3 of the weight of the sleeper. When it is lacking, we see a whole bunch of small inconveniences appear: back pain, traffic problem, night awakenings ... in this case, The topper in memory can be the solution. Here are some good reasons to adopt it to improve the quality and comfort of your sleep.

In what cases should you have to use a topperm?

Memory topmatousness can be very useful for sleep better. To start, it allows you to compensate for an too firm or too soft mattress. Depending on the position of the sleeper, it avoids the multiplication of pressure points and allows the improvement of blood circulation. Thus, the muscles are more relaxed, the lumbar ones supported and the areas of corrected camber. For these reasons, the topmatical topper is particularly recommended for people in overweight. Finally, this accessory can be used to add comfort to its sleeping and a soft side thanks to its thickness.

The topper protects the bedding

If sucking up your mattress is one of the essential gestures for maintain your bedding, Adopting a topmatic also allows you to keep your freshness by protecting it from dirt and dust. Indeed, over time, your sleeping can become a real nest for bacteria and mites. And unlike the mattress, the thickness of the topper allows you to wash it very easily at 60 ° C. Another advantage: memory surmathelas restore the level of comfort of a somewhat old -fashioned mattress. Rather than investing in a new bedding, treat yourself to a memory topper to extend its lifespan.

How to choose your topmatical topper?

On the market, there are 3 cm topmelas more than 10 cm thick (in this case it will be necessary to provide a large cap cover), with natural or synthetic material garnishing and different shapes. If you are looking for better reception and thermal comfort, favor memory surmathelas in natural fibers. If you want more support and support during the night, then opt for synthetic with a good thickness. Finally, its size must be proportional to that of your mattress: if the latter measures 140 × 190 cm, choose a topperm at the same dimensions, as on the following table: