Warm and comforting, many of us look forward to wrapping ourselves in a soft towel after a relaxing shower or bath. Because our towels come into direct contact with our skin, it’s important to make sure we choose the right fabric, size and weight. Discover our top tips for selecting the ideal bath set.

Different sizes of bath towel

Most bath sets are made up of several different types of towel, of varying sizes:

  • Hand towels (50x90cm), ideal for giving oneself a quick dry or for throwing in a suitcase or gym bag. Because of its size, it’s most often used to wash the hands and face or to dry the hair.

  • Bath towels (70x120cm), which cover the whole body and are generally used out of the shower.

  • Bath sheets (90x150cm), the largest size - perfect for wrapping oneself up in following a relaxing bath!

  • Guest towels (30x50cm), ideal for washing your hands.

Whether you’re a fan of long baths or refreshing showers, we use our towels on a daily basis - so it’s important to make sure that we choose the right size for our habits.

Cotton loop, cotton towelling, waffle weave: choosing the right texture

Unsurprisingly, cotton is often the textile of choice for bath towels and bath sheets. However, specific fibres often vary by weight, i.e. the weight of the tissue per square metre of fabric.

A few examples:

  • Terry cotton towelling: 600g/m²

  • Cotton loop: 500g/m²

  • Cotton: 550g/m²

  • Bamboo viscose: 600g/m²

  • Terry short pile: 600g/m²

  • Waffle weave: between 200g/m² and 250g/m²

The higher the textile weight, the more absorbent the fabric. For example, cotton towelling with a weight of 740g/m² can absorb up to 1 litre of water per square metre.

Traditional terry cotton towelling features fibres that are twisted around each other, creating an absorbent texture. For an even softer finish, the fibres are shorn a second time, resulting in terry cotton short pile that feels fleecy and silky to the touch. Generally, top-quality towelling is made from 100% cotton, but it can also be mixed with linen or bamboo viscose for a softer texture. Meanwhile, jacquard towelling is used to create printed designs on beach towels.

Bath towels: the finishing touches

Bath towels often feature a decorative border around the edges. This can take the form of a dyed motif, a texture trim, or embroidered detailing. Contrasting trimmed edges in bright or subdued colours are another popular choice.

At Carré Blanc, the Lola collection ticks all the boxes when it comes to picking the perfect bath set: high absorption, an exquisitely soft texture made from combed cotton yarn, and a vibrant range of twelve stylish colourways!