Essential accessory for the toilet of the youngest, Children's bathrobe brings softness and comfort to everyday life. To choose it well, you have to pay attention to its form, its material, but also to its dimensions. So that each bathing out is a moment of pleasure, Carré Blanc slips your good tips for choosing the perfect bathrobe for your child.

The different types of children's bathrobes

The choice of a child bathrobe is done first depending on its age. Indeed, some bathing models are more suitable for very young children, when others are suitable for older ones. At birth, we favor for example a baby To easily wrap newborns and cover them entirely from head to toe. For this reason, child bathing capes have a hood offering maximum protection against the cold. There are also bathing ponchos : easy to put on, they are ideal for children between 2 and 4 years old. Finally, the traditional bathing bathrobe is very practical as soon as children start walking: thanks to his belt to be tied, he remains in place in all circumstances.

At Carré Banc, you will find children's bathrobes in several styles and several colors to seduce the greatest number. United or fantasy, with or without embroidery, our products were designed with love by our stylists to make young and old alike crack. Children will particularly appreciate the bathing capes that allow you to disguise themselves. Equipped with crisp finishes like animal ears, these models are certainly entangling the bathing of the bath and allowing to share soft moments of complicity with the parents. Better yet: the customizable bathrobe offers the satisfaction of having your own tailor-made bathrobe. The embroidery service De Carré Blanc allows you to embroider a first name or message on the product of your choice. A little attention that makes all the difference!

What size select?

The size of the child is one of the basic criteria to choose a bathrobe. The dimensions like the chest turn and the waist can be useful for choosing a bath outlet perfectly suited to your cherub, just like the length, which should not go below the knees. Most often, you just have to refer to your child's age to choose their bathrobe. Most children's models are available from 2 to 8 years old, while baby bath outlets oscillate between 12 and 24 months. For more details, see our size guide :

Average height Chest size Waist size Bathrobe
83-89 cm 51 cm 49 cm 2 years
98-104 cm 56 cm 52 cm 4 years
111-116 cm 60 cm 56 cm 6 years
123-128 cm 64 cm 58 cm 8 years
135-140 cm 71 cm 62 cm 10 years


What material for a child bathrobe?

It is essential to choose a children's bathrobe made from quality raw materials like cotton. Soft and comfortable, white square products are labeled Standard 100 OEKO-TEX To respect the skin of the youngest. To benefit from a good absorption capacity, your child's bathrobe must also have a grammage between 300 and 500 g/m². If the cotton sponge is intended for bathing, the polyester is used for the manufacture of polar style chamber dresses. Less absorbent, they are rather intended for moments of cocooning or leap from the bed.

Do you demand the best for your child? Carré Blanc offers you a range of GOTS labeled bathrobes guaranteeing a textile made from organic cotton fibers. By choosing organic cotton, you opt for a eco-responsible and sustainable household linen, which respects health and the environment. Your children will make the difference!