Did you know ? Quality bedding is a gain of 14 minutes of deep sleep per night. And to have a good night, it is essential to fall asleep on a mattress, but also a pillow adapted to its morphology and its sleep position. Dimensions, comfort, firmness index, synthetic or natural garnishment ... on what criteria should you be based for pillow ?

The dimension of the pillow

There are several forms ofpillow For bedding: square, rectangular or bolts pillow. Some are made for sleeping like the ergonomic pillow, others to read or just act as decoration. Because the pillow supports 10% of the sleeper's weight, it must be adapted to its spine in order to guarantee an awakening without stiffness or heaviness.

  • The rectangular pillow (50x70cm) is recommended to sleep because it allows better holding of the neck and cervical during the night.
  • The square pillow (65x65cm) is ideal for moments of reading or to support the lumbar in sitting position.
  • The bolster Can replace the pillow according to the sleeper preferences. Its cylindrical shape provides support for the cervical spine, decreases pressure and promotes blood circulation. It is however important to place it well in terms of your bedding so as not to cause ailments in the neck or back. The size of the bolts will be defined according to the width of the mattress. It can measure between 90 and 160 cm long, for a diameter of 23 or 24 cm on average.

The firmness index

The firmness index is an essential criterion for finding the right pillow. Each sleeper has its type of bedding:

  • Sleeping on the side : firm and high pillow
  • Sleeping on the back : Mid-firm and half-high pillow
  • Sleeping on the stomach : soft and low pillow

Choosing a pillow adapted to your sleep position allows you to relax the muscles and preserve the health of your back. In order not to create tension in the body, the head must be aligned with the spine when sleeping on a mattress. Those who have cervical problems can choose an ergonomic memory pillow because it takes the exact form of the neck.

Natural or synthetic filling?

Choosing a duvet Like that of a pillow can be determined by its filling. A pillow consists of natural materials (feathers, feathers, duck or goose down) or synthetic materials (hollow polyester fibers, latex or viscoelastic foam in shape). There are also hybrid garnishments: it is a mixture of natural and synthetic materials.

Each filling has its advantages and disadvantages. Natural materials are distinguished by their lifespan, thermal comfort and their breathable appearance. Synthetic materials are appreciated for their lightness, their enveloping support and their anallergic properties. In terms of drawbacks, the latter tend to sweat. However, they remain cheaper than the pillows made up of plumettes and down which require more maintenance. Note that the larger the proportion of down compared to the plumettes, the more soft the pillow and its price high.

If the use of synthetic pillows is generally recommended for allergic people, the white square pillows garnished with original feathers and floods are sterilized. So they are even suitable for people with allergies.

For the maintenance and cleanliness of your pillow, it is recommended to use quality protection against perspiration, saliva or excess sebum during sleep. Thanks to its anti-acarian, anti-bachelor and anti-moisisso treatment, the White square pillowcase guarantees you durable comfort and hygiene of your bedding.

In order to create a soothing atmosphere conducive to relaxation, Carré Blanc offers a Full range of pillowcases For square, rectangular pillows, in shape memory and bolts. United or fantasy, our bed linen with a refined design has everything you need to dress your mattress.