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PURCHASE GUIDE - Tips for choosing the perfect duvet cover

Every night, our skin loses an average of 2 litres of water. To avoid staining or damaging our mattress and duvet and to prolong their lifespan, it’s important to choose the right quilt cover or mattress cover in coton, linen or satin. Textiles, finishings, colourways - read on for our tips to creating a bedroom that reflects your inner artist

The different sizes of duvet cover

To select the right size duvet cover, you’ll need to know the size of your mattress. It’s important to choose a duvet cover that respects the correct proportions of your mattress and the duvet itself. Read on for our tips about choosing the perfect duvet.

  • For a cot: 80x120cm

  • For a single bed: between 140×200 cm and 200x200cm.

  • For a double bed: between 140x200cm (standard double) and 240x260cm for the largest sizes

Choosing a duvet cover: which fabric?

At Carré Blanc, all of our duvet covers are made from natural materials. However, natural fibres differ from each other on several important points - most importantly the way in which they are woven.

Reinforced cotton duvet covers (144 TC) are most often used for children’s bedding. Light and breathable, they’re an excellent choice for those on a budget who are still looking for quality.

Cotton percale (200 TC) is extremely soft to the touch and feels gentle on the skin. Smooth and comfortable, cotton percale duvet covers are also extremely absorbent - ideal for people who tend to perspire in bed.

Cotton sateen duvet covers (300 TC) are smooth and silky to the touch, reflecting light beautifully. Cotton sateen is often used in luxury bedding, as it remains soft wash after wash.

Finally, linen fibres are a great choice for both winter and summer. Washed linen duvet covers tend to wrinkle easily, making it popular with fans of the vintage or bohemian look.

Relaxing colours

For many of us, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house - a haven of quiet and relaxation. Bedding in natural colours (beige, taupe, grey) will help create a restful atmosphere conducive to a great night’s sleep. Pastel tones in blue and rose are also popular choices.

On-trend floral prints and motifs inspired by the natural world are a more cheerful way to bring a little of the outside world into your home. Flower- and leaf-print designs, as well as ocean-inspired patterns in shades of blue, can also help to bring a sense of relaxation and rest into your bedroom. To help troubled sleepers nod off, avoid bright colours, such as shades of orange, red and yellow.

Taking care of your duvet cover

To stop the spread of bugs and mites, it’s important to wash your bedding regularly - more often than your duvet and pillowcases, as these are not in direct contact with the skin. Wash your duvet cover and pillowcases at least a week to keep things clean, at a moderate temperature to ensure that all bacteria and microbes (not to mention sweat and sebum) are thoroughly rinsed out.

Wash your duvet cover on a moderate temperature, between 40°C and 60°C according to the instructions on the label. If you have a garden or yard, it’s best to dry your duvet cover outdoors in natural sunlight. Otherwise, use a tumble dryer. It’s best to check the label to see whether your duvet cover is suitable for ironing - some textiles, such as cotton sateen, become softer after ironing, unlike other materials such as linen.

To keep your duvet cover looking its best for as long as possible, choose a high-quality duvet cover that’s made from good-quality natural materials, such as cotton or linen. Not only are natural fibres more resistant, they stand up better when it comes to washing and drying, retaining their lightness anf softness. One final reminder - when in doubt, always check the label!



Whether you’re a fan of the boho look, love a room that’s bold and bright, or prefer a classic interior, Carré Blanc has a range of delightful duvet covers to suit all tastes. Discover our collections of on-trend colours and textures in a range of luxuriously soft fabrics and sizes.