What a joy to slip into clean cotton sheets at the end of the day! For Maintain your household linen And to continue it, Carré Blanc reveals its best washing tips. Great rules with little secrets, discover the universe of laundry and our precious advice for washing your laundry and taking care of it.

The 5 errors to avoid

1. Use a laundry that is not suitable for your laundry. For example, using a universal laundry to wash colors: this is the guaranteed disaster! In the long term, the colors are weakened, even discolored, and the pastel shades run white.

2. Load your washing machine. Too tight clothes can cause irreversible discolors. Rinking, residues can stay on your laundry. To make sure: check that you can pass a hand between the linen and the drum before launching the washing.

3. Choose a bad dosage. A subdosing leads to limestone deposits that tarnish delicate laundry and damage your washing machine. As for overdose, it makes rinsing less effective. Not to mention that laundry residues on textiles can irritate the epidermis and cause allergies.

4. Opt for poor temperature. Too low temperatures give poor washing results. Too high temperatures discolour, shrink or irreversibly alter certain delicate textiles. Take the time to read the labels to choose the program adapted to your household linen.

5. Leave your laundry damp in the drum. Do not leave the laundry full of water in the drum at the end of the cycle after rinsing, the dyes migrate on each other and the fiber breaks by creating a significant crumbling. As soon as your machine is finished, use the dryer or let your dryer dry in the open air.

The 5 secrets to cultivate

1. Treat difficult stains. And this, before washing, with detergent product or grandmother tips. A stain taken early at all likes to leave. Once treated, rinse the laundry or the garment with the water and then wash it according to the usual recommendations.

2. Put the laundry in the bin. And not directly in the drum. It will be distributed more easily. Most often, a laundry washing machine has three compartments: one for the prewash, one for laundry, and one last for softening or stain remover.

3. Add white vinegar. A line of white vinegar added at the start of the cycle in the whitening compartment stabilizes the colors and neutralizes a laundry that foams too much. He also does wonders to eliminate recalcitrant spots.

4. Wash your separate laundryt. For example, wash a new garment separately avoids any risk of unclogging. Your laundry is thus protected from future spots. A word of advice: to avoid cotton curls drawn, also wash the sponge products separately in the washing machine.

5. Save money. If your washing machine is half full, reduce the amount of laundry of a third party and choose an express washing program. You will save water while preserving the environment!


Doing your laundry well is easy! Follow these tips and you will get a bright cleanliness cloth.