ENTRETIEN - Comment ranger son linge de lit ?

CARE - Tips for storing bed linen

Whether you’re stuck for space or struggle to find the time, it’s not always easy to find the right place to store your bed linen. Fortunately, Carré Blanc has the solution - read on for our top tips for perfectly stored bed linen!

Storing your bed linen

To avoid a buildup of dust, humidity and mites, it’s important to store your bed linen in a dry, dark place. A cupboard or chest of drawers that can be firmly closed - or locked - is ideal, but remember to air your storage area regularly to avoid laundry becoming damp and musty. Help things to remain tidy by folding the most delicate textiles (silk, cotton sateen), or even storing them in between sheets of tissue paper. For extra space, fold your bed linen in half lengthways and then roll up before storing. This will help to avoid creasing. Finally, stock your bed linen by group, with duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases from the same set, to keep things neat.

Storing duvets and pillows

Just like bed linen, duvets and pillows should be stored properly to ensure they remain in optimal condition. Duvets and pillows tend to take up a lot of space, so it’s recommended to vacuum-pack and store them under the bed or in a cupboard or spare room. Vacuum-packing duvets and pillows also helps to protect them from dust and humidity. For those who prefer not to vacuum-pack their duvets and pillows, it’s recommended to fold or roll up your bedding as tightly as possible and to store it in an enclosed space.

Keeping your bedding smelling nice

Avoid storing bed linen that’s still damp or wet - this will lead to humidity and mould developing. After ironing your bedding, leave your clothes to air for a few hours in order for them to fully dry. You can then fold and put your laundry away neatly. For clothes and bedding that will be stored for some time, such as seasonal items, you may want to slip a few sachets of dried lavender into your drawer or wardrobe. Bath salts can also help drive away unpleasant smells while reducing humidity - just place a small cup into your draw or wardrobe. To discourage mites, place a small handful of cloves in your bedding, between the sheets and pillowcases - trust us, it works!

Making room in your wardrobe

If you’re struggling to find space to store your bedding and bed linen, you’re not alone! Consider investing in a few appropriately sized storage boxes for extra space, to be placed in your wardrobe or under the bed. Now world-famous for her tidying philosophy, Marie Kondo teaches the art of mastering folding and storing household goods with ease. And if you’re ready for a full spring clean, it’s time to trade in your old bedding! From 11 to 31 March 2020, Carré Blanc is offering a €10 voucher off every purchase over €50 for every kilogram of old bedding donated in-store. Visit one of our 131 participating boutiques across France to find out more about the Collect Box initiative.